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How to order?

Name Size Price (Inc GST)
Textured Primer Coat 10 Litres $121.00
Limestone 10 Litres $154.00
Sandstone 10 Litres $143.00
Sealer – Gloss 4 Litres $88.00
10 Litres $198.00
Sealer – Satin 4 Litres $92.00
10 Litres $210.00
Sealer – Natural 4 Litres $145.00
10 Litres $295.00
Application Squeegee 550mm $58.50

Freight:    Add  this amount to your order, for each 10 Litre unit  ( or per 2 x 4 Litres)

Freight inc GST. Per 10 Litres Per 2 x 4 Litres
Sydney  Metro – Canberra $11.00 $11.00
Melbourne  Metro, Brisbane Metro $14.00 $14.00
Adelaide  , Hobart  $19.00 $19.00
Perth, Darwin $25.00 $25.00

For the areas outside of major cities freight charges calculated accordingly to post code and will be provided upon presentation of quote.

In the example provided (for rough Pebblecrete surfaces) ; (with freight to Melbourne)

Material Costs
7 x 10 L
4 x 10 L
2 x 4 L

* May be reduced to one coat or omitted to save money and let the original profile show.

From the “How much do I need” page we figured on 36 sq M of surface area for the path surrounding the pool.

If you are not sure about the area for your pool dont worry, just contact us using form below and we can work it out for you.

The Total including freight is $1921.00 in our example of 36 sq M. (About $50  – 55 per Sq M for full system inc levelling compound for rough surfaces like Pebblecrete)

By using ONE coat or OMITTING the primer the totals are:

  • With One coat of primer , 4 x 10 L  adjusted total will be $1516.00   (About $40 – 43 per sq m, inc some levelling to flush up a not perfect surface)
  • With No Primer adjusted total will be   $976.00   (About $26 – 28 per sq M for a smooth surface, with no imperfectons to be smoothed)

Please contact us, to place your order.

Order form

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White Sydney Sandstone
White Sydney Sandstone
Liquid Sandstone
Liquid Sandstone
Desert Gold Sandstone
 Desert Gold Sandstone
Liquid Limestone
 Liquid Limestone
Light Grey Liquid Limestone
 Light Grey Liquid Limestone
Liquid Terracotta
 Liquid Terracotta
Charcoal Liquid Sandstone
 Charcoal Liquid Sandstone
Textured Primer Coat
 Textured Primer Coat